Who We Are

Who We Are

Why We Want You To Win!

Why We Want You To Win!

Cartoon drawings of Winston the pig, Kaptain the horse, and Maggie the dog

Our Mission

We understand that life can be complex – even basic life skills! CanDoIQ is here to teach how to handle everyday situations like buying a car, understanding pay slips, opening a bank account, renting an apartment, and much more. We are passionate about making these concepts easy to understand, empowering learners to be more fiscally educated and personally successful. Learn how to get a credit score, find the right car insurance, lower your APR. CanDoIQ can show you how.

Our Beliefs

Here at CanDoIQ, we are passionate about creating educational content that is useful, easily understood, and fun for learners! We believe that financial and life skills are key to a successful future.

Our Story

The idea for CanDoIQ originated when our founder’s son asked her about life insurance – when he was only 9 years old!

Not your typical kid question

As the years progressed, it became more and more evident that these critical life skills were not being adequately taught by schools and only haphazardly addressed by parents (us included.)

After spending over 25 years in the Global HR, Mobility and Payroll space simplifying the process of paying employees in over 140 countries, CanDoIQ’s founder is passionate about this newest challenge of making life skills easy to understand and launching young adults on a path of financial responsibility.

“My #1 goal for CanDoIQ is to ensure people have a better grasp of the financial and practical aspects of life to make better personal decisions, which in turn, will benefit us all.”
-Michele Honomichl, Founder & CEO

Cartoon drawing of Winston the pig, Kaptain the horse, and Maggie the dog wearing CanDoIQ employee polo shirts

Enter CanDoIQ

A company
dedicated to life skills education.

One that teaches the simple mastery
of life’s financial complexity.

Who is Winston?

He will lead the way!

Pigs are smart. Really smart. Often ranked as one of the top 5 smartest animals. Winston is no exception. He is a real pot belly pig, who lives in a house, has a yard, a pool, a bed, and gets two meals a day, plus plenty of treats.

Cartoon drawing of Winston the pig wearing a bright red polo shirt with a lanyard and ID around his neck

He is smart, a quick learner, and forever an opportunist.   He is the embodiment of us all – some days happy, some days grumpy, some days fast, and some days chunky (especially when his winter piggy coat is a little tight after too many acorns). But he is forever learning, especially ways to make a better life for himself.

We love his tenacity and his taciturn self and we hope he makes you smile just as his real piggy self makes us laugh every day.

Image of Winston the pig outside on a patio
Image of Winston the pig up close
Image of Winston the pig laying down on the couch
Image of Winston the pig wearing his plaid jacket

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