Tools For Teachers

Tools For Teachers

Let Winston Lead The Way!

Let Winston Lead The Way!

A Cartoon drawing of Winston the pig in a button up shirt and tie standing inquisitively in front of Oaktree Public High School

Here at CanDoIQ, we understand that teachers are busy! That’s why we’ve created courses and videos to make educating your students on life skills simple, fun, & informative.

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Your Students Will Love

  • Easy to understand content created specifically for teens.

  • Learn by watching videos or reading, whatever their preferred learning style is.

  • Content that will prepare them for the future.

  • No information overloads! Our courses tell them what they REALLY need to know about each topic.

“Modern life is such that almost from the get-go, as people enter into the job market, they have to make economic decisions and financial decisions.”

-Dwight Jaffee

professor of banking, finance, UC Berkley