Begin Your Journey to Financial Literacy

Begin Your Journey to Financial Literacy

Check Out Our Courses Below

Check Out Our Courses Below

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Our courses simplify some of the most common responsibilities that come with being an adult! Opening a bank account? Buying a car? Getting your first credit card? We’ve got all that covered and more!


How do I open a bank account?
Checking vs savings accounts?

Credit Cards

What is an APR?
Differences of credit card vs debit card?

Credit Score

What is a credit score?
What determines a credit score?

Home Rental

What is included/not included in rent?
What are provisions in renter’s contract?


How do I budget?
What should be included in my budget?

Car Insurance

Why do I need car insurance?
What are the different types?

Car Purchase / Loans

Leasing vs purchasing a vehicle?
Pros/cons of buying used vs new?

Buying a House / Condo and Mortgages

What should I consider when looking at a house?
What is the process for buying a house?

Job Search

What should be on a resume?
How do I prepare for an interview?

Job Offer

What will be in a typical job offer?
How do I compare job offers?

First Day of Work

What will my first day be like?
What information should I bring with me?

Pay Day

What is on a pay slip?
What deductions will appear there?

Other Benefits

What is short term disability insurance?
What is PTO?

Tax Returns

When and why do I need to file income taxes?
How do I get started?

Important Documents

What documents do I need?
How do I obtain and update them?


What is a 401K?
What is an IRA?

Health Insurance

What are types of health insurance?
What is a PPO? HMO? HSA? FSA?

Life Insurance

When do I need to buy life insurance?
The cost of life insurance?

Cost of College

How do I evaluate the cost of college?
How do student loans work?


What type of investments should I have?
How to determine investments?

Owning a Pet

What to consider when choosing a pet?
What are ongoing costs of a pet?

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“Nearly half of Americans say their expenses are equal to or greater than their income. And for those aged 18 to 25 the percentage is over half, up to 54%.”

-Study by the Center for Financial Services Innovation

as reported by CNN Money